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Monte Valcorchero

With its impressive cork oaks and unique granite outcrops, Valcorchero is a special place

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Travelling the Valley of Cork

Location and Contact:

Avenida del Puerto (to the Hospital)
10600 Plasencia , Cáceres (Extremadura)
Opening times

Valcorchero is a natural setting open to the public year round.

The Puerto chapel is open during mass.

Daily: 5:30pm 

Sundays: 12-5:30pm

  • With its impressive cork oaks and unique granite outcrops, Valcorchero is a special place

    In the foothills of the Sierra del Gordo mountains in Plasencia province, Monte Valcorchero has been declared a protected landscape in Extremadura. These 1,184 hectares of cork oaks give the valley its name (Corcho = cork), with its jagged broken landscape that has been used for both pastoral and forestry use over time giving Monte Valcorchero priceless aesthetic value.

    A route has been marked out to help you get the most out of this beautiful setting. Starting from the Virgen del Puerto Hospital, cross the picnic area and head to the right past the remains of the 16th century aqueduct, passing the La Guijosa drinking fountain. Continue along the path parallel to the road starting at the "boarding point" and head into beautiful areas of pastureland with stunning cork oaks and herds of grazing cattle until you reach the Nuestra Señora Virgen del Puerto chapel. Built in 1720 and most recently restored in 1940, the chapel has a polychromatic 15th century wooden statue of the Virgin suckling the Child, of unknown origins.

    Take a break here to enjoy the views. This is a wonderful spot for photography, with panoramic views over the city and its valley, and also for birdwatching. Now set off again along the old Roman road to Villar de Plasencia until you reach the Cañito drinking fountain, then take the path back to the chapel and return via the Umbría de Valcorchero to the starting point.

    If you happen to be here in the first Sunday after Easter Week, you can enjoy the locals' celebration of Puerto day, a procession to the Puerto chapel which ends with a day of activities at the chapel.

    Another interesting time to visit the Valcorchero is Calbotes day, a fiesta held on 1 November involving going up Valcorchero to roast and eat "calbotes", roast chestnuts.

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