Cherry Blossom Festival

Cherry flowers cover the Jerte Valley in a blanket of white, endowing it with great beauty.

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Radiant and white

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Mancomunidad de Municipios del Valle del Jerte , Cáceres (Extremadura)
  • Cherry flowers cover the Jerte Valley in a blanket of white, endowing it with great beauty.

    It is impossible to know the exact date, but every year, in March, the Jerte Valley welcomes spring in white. Thousands of cherry trees in bloom in the good weather, covering their bare, skeletal branches with small, soft white flowers, the millions of which are a sight to behold.

    Its beauty, colour and sheer spectacle, among a host of other characteristics, have seen the Cherry Blossom Festival become a Festivity of National Tourist Interest. Numerous activities revolve around the fiesta, which is held in a different place every year to complement the attraction of the flowers in bloom. To make it easier for you, the people from Jerte have divided their spring fiesta into three special moments:

    Valley awakening: this is an ideal time for hiking, climbing, canyoning or, why not, paragliding over the valley. You can watch the waters run from the still, snow-covered mountain summits and make their way downstream into the gorge. And of course, it's the perfect time for bird watching, as the migratory flocks return home.

    Cherry in bloom: this is the Festivity of National Tourist Interest proper. While leaving us a white-covered valley to admire, recreations and representations of the life and customs of the district are organised, as well as offering hiking and biking routes, among other outdoor activities.

    Petal rain: this is the district's farewell to the valley's veil of white, which, in turn, gives over to other tones of like beauty. It is without a doubt a magic moment to co-exist with the locals and learn about the cultural heritage of this valley in greater depth.

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