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A Badajoz town declared to be a Cultural Heritage Site

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06370 Burguillos del Cerro , Badajoz (Extremadura)
  • The urban structure of Burguillos del Cerro, in addition to its open spaces and unique buildings, have led to it being declared a Cultural Heritage Site.

    Many cultures have left their mark on Burguillos del Cerro: first the Celts and then the Romans, who settled these lands for a considerable amount of time, as attested to by the remains that have come down to us today, such as sections of columns, curved tiles, capitals, and ceramics, among other elements. The later Moorish invasion left its mark on place names such as Rodeo del Moro, Azamel or Mezquita.

    Architecture is one of the main attractions in Burguillos, whether traditional, religious or governmental. The first building of note is its castle, which has been subject to several modifications and extensions in the course of its history. Sitting as it does on top of the hill, it has always been a key defence structure for all those who have settled in these lands.

    The town's religious architecture is also worthy of note such as the church of Santa María de la Encina, the church of San Juan Bautista, the convent of the Concepcionistas Franciscanas, the chapel of Cristo, the monastery of the Llagas de San Francisco and the chapel of Nuestra Señora del Amparo.

    Places such as the traditional architecture interpretation centre, the Casa del Corregidor mansion, the Cárcel Real prison and the Plaza Alta should also not be missed.

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